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Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 15th August 2020: Today Nikon is pleased to announce that four of its products have been successful at the EISA Awards 2020-2021. The Nikon Z 50 won the ‘Best Buy Camera’ award and the Nikon D780 picked up the ‘Full Frame Camera’ award. NIKKOR lenses were also winners, with the AF-S NIKKOR 120-300mm F/2.8E FL ED SR VR given the ‘Professional Telephoto Zoom Lens’ award and the NIKKOR Z 85mm f/1.8 S winning the ‘Portrait Lens’ award.

The Z 50, an APS-C/DX camera and one of Nikon’s flagship mirrorless products, was credited for its light and compact build, as well as its competitive price point. Nikon’s recent firmware 2.0 update also means the camera includes Animal-Detection AF, a popular function on other Nikon cameras. Meanwhile, the D780’s new Hybrid-AF system meant it was a strong contender within its category, with the camera’s speed and video capabilities also helping it take the win.

These four awards demonstrate Nikon’s continued commitment to innovative equipment that enables photographers to push what is possible, creatively and technically.

EISA comments for the Nikon Z 50 ‘Best Buy Camera’ award 2020-2021

With its competitive price and excellent quality, the Nikon Z 50 is the EISA Best Buy Camera 2020-2021. This compact mirrorless camera with APS-C (DX) sensor is easy to use and perfect for travel, with a well-built and weatherproof body. It delivers fine image quality with good dynamic range that allows detail recovery both in the highlights and the deep shadows. The Z 50 employs the same EXPEED 6 processor as Nikon’s full-frame models, which allows for 4K video recording at 30fps, or up to 120fps in Full HD. The autofocus is quick and accurate, with a very useful Eye-Detection AF function and (thanks to a firmware update) Animal-Detection AF as well.

EISA comments for the Nikon D780 ‘Full Frame Camera’ award 2020-2021

Nikon’s D780 is a full frame DSLR with a 24.5-million-pixel BSI CMOS sensor. Com­bined with the fast EXPEED 6 image processor, this delivers native sensitivities up to ISO 51,200, opening up more possibilities for creative photography. Its tilting LCD touch­screen helps photographers and video operators get the shot they want, even from high or low angles. This successor to the Nikon D750 brings a slew of upgrades such as su­perior image processing, better video capabilities (up to 4K UHD30fps with N-Log), slow motion and time-lapse. Furthermore, the vastly improved Hybrid-AF system ensures fast autofocus when shooting and filming using the LCD screen.

EISA comments for the AF-S NIKKOR 120-300mm f/2.8E FL ED SR VR ‘Professional Telephoto Zoom Lens’ award 2020-2021

This powerful telephoto zoom is suitable for professional use in challenging conditions. Its constant fast maximum aperture across the full focal-length range offers advantages in many situations, including portraits, indoor and outdoor sports, and nature photography. Even at its maximum aperture of f/2.8, the NIKKOR delivers exceptional resolution on full-frame DSLR cameras with minimal chromatic aberration, thanks to the use of Nikon’s new Short Wavelength Spectrum (SR) glass. It handles brilliantly too, with effective image stabilisation and comprehensive weather protection. Compatibility with Nikon’s 1.4x and 2x teleconverters brings additional flexibility.

ESIA comments for the NIKKOR Z 85mm f/1.8 S ‘Portrait Lens’ award 2020-2021

A stunning addition to Nikon’s mirrorless Z system, this is a superb portrait lens with the classic 85mm focal length, where it stands out among some very tough competition. As Nikon’s best 85mm lens to date, it performs admirably at f/1.8, with just the right amount of edge softness and shading that demanding portrait photographers require, while the optical performance is technically perfect when the aperture is closed down a couple of stops. In addition, this lens has no distortion, provides fast autofocus speed, and is built to high standards, including weather-resistance for use under all conditions.

Every year, the EISA Awards celebrate those new products that combine the most advanced technology and desirable features with class-leading performance. The EISA Awards extend from the most affordable, high-value products to the most aspirational expressions of modern consumer electronics. Award categories change from year to year, reflecting the evolution of product design and connectivity, but every EISA Award winner remains the very best in its class.

Please visit the EISA website for more information: https://www.eisa.eu/

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